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Cultivating Spring 2024 – Edition 30 ~ Grace!

March 5, 2024

Lancia E. Smith

Cultivating Spring 2024 print edition is ready for pre-order!!


This year Cultivating Oaks Press launched our limited-edition print issue of Cultivating Magazine, previously an online-only publication. Currently we are offering this print edition a twice a year – Autumn and Spring – while maintaining our full season schedule of five (5) online editions a year. Our magnificent Spring 2024 edition offers you over a 160 pages of fine essays, poetry, reflective questions, breathtaking images, recipes, profiles, recommendations, and places to just pause and soak in beauty and goodness. Arguably one of the most beautiful publications in print, you will want to keep this one close at hand, make notes in, and give as gifts! You’ll enjoy artists and writers you already love and perhaps discover some you have not met yet. Every page from cover to cover is designed, crafted, and offered to give glory to God, our Maker and fountain of all Beauty.

The topic for Cultivating Spring 2024 is something near and dear to our hearts – Grace. What would any of our lives be if not marked and sustained by grace? This exquisite edition opens up facets of grace that touch each of us, and explores the personal ways we are transformed by it. Join us as we discover what the mark of grace looks like in the way we live and have our being.



Every purchase supports the ministry of The Cultivating Project. When you purchase Cultivating Magazine, you not only encourage us to keep on doing the work we are called to, but you help us actually to accomplish that work. We do not sell ad space in any of our publications. We are entirely self-funded and supported with the help of private donors. All proceeds from your purchase of Cultivating products goes directly back into supporting this ministry.

Pre-orders are now available right here in our SHOPPE!

We anticipate print copies to available for shipping around April 15-21, 2024!

Cultivating Spring 2024 – Edition 30 ~ Grace page display image courtesy of Maribeth Barber Albritton.

Image of Red Peony Bud in Rain is (c) Lancia E. Smith and used with her glad permission for Cultivating


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