Redeemed Imagination - Loving your Audience, Serving the Work

In this lecture from Anselm's 2019 Rocky Mountain Artists' Retreat, Lancia Smith explores the relationship between being true to your calling and loving your audience--and reveals how relationships can strengthen our calling. 

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Cultivating Centric Artists

In the continuing series from the Anselm Society discussing the unique call of the Christian artist ("centric genius"), Brian Brown interviews Lancia E. Smith about her work with The Cultivating Project and the work of making whole artists.

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The Power of Art in Intentional Community

In this not to be missed podcast, Heidi White of FORMA magazine interviews The Cultivating Project founder Lancia E. Smith about creativity, the origins of Cultivating, and the power of community.

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A Conversation with Lancia E. Smith

In this episode, Lancia E. Smith and Jonathan Rogers talk about the relationship between editing and discipleship, the balance of sensitivity and maturity, and the habit of cultivating wonder.

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Overcoming Darkness in the Life of a Creative with Lancia E. Smith

In a fallen world, we each face a long battle with darkness throughout our lives both around us and within us. Is it possible to overcome such pervasive conditions and if so, how? In this session, Lancia spoke from her own testimony as a creative about facing overwhelming darkness and three essentials that each of us need as God’s image-bearers in countering the shadows working against us.

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A Field Guide to Cultivating ~ Essentials to Cultivating a Whole Life, Rooted in Christ, and Flourishing in Fellowship

Enjoy our gift to you as our Welcome to Cultivating! Discover the purpose of The Cultivating Project, and how you might find a "What, you too?" experience here with this fellowship of makers!

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