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A Good Infection

April 18, 2024

Rob Jones

Stripping away the layers of our pretense, being transparent, vulnerable, and examining ourselves can be terrifying and unnerving. We try to charm ourselves with a veneer of good works. But we dispel that charm by doing the things we shouldn’t have done, saying the words we shouldn’t have said, and thinking the thoughts we should not have thought. We realize our moral strength is not enough to subjugate the sin within us. All of us are in need of the strength of Christ’s righteousness and grace in this battle that He has already won for us.


A Good Infection

I find myself adrift in a dim thought,

Now, I’ve lost my sense of sensing what’s right.

The fruit of autonomy is what I sought,

A forbidden relic, my present plight.

Ungoverned vices perching on my soul,

Leaving me directionless like a beast.

Pressing palms of the saints fail to console,

As I grieve, consuming an avarice feast.


Heaven, domesticate this whorish heart.

Put me to death with a good infection.

Kindle grace within so that I may start,

To flare with life in your resurrection.

Sing over me a song tuned in silver,

That I’ll dance in Emmanuel’s River.

The featured image, “Tangled Cover in Shotover,” is courtesy of Lancia E. Smith and is used with her glad permission for Cultivating.


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