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The Cultivating Project is committed to mending and restoring lives through our creative work. 

We are inviting you to be part of this good and holy labour! If you love what you find here and would like to play a direct part in helping us continue, please join in this effort: become direct sustainers of Cultivating through committed prayer and financial support.

Faithful prayer is always of greatest importance. Encouragement from your comments and kind words matter more than you might realize. All of us suffer from discouragement at times, your encouraging words and presence help us push through the hard spots and keep pressing onward.

Financial support, of course, is very needed, especially now.  A one-time donation, or monthly support make a tremendous difference in sustaining this good labour. Your presence and help do shape the way we can do the work we are called to. Thank you for all the ways you help to make this work of restoration and sustainable. 

We cannot do this without you! Join us.

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