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C.S. Lewis Writer’s Conference: Cultivating A Writer’s Life!

February 25, 2024

Maribeth Barber Albritton

This is the writer’s conference of our dreams!

May 2-4, 2024, the C.S. Lewis Foundation and Cultivating Oaks Press

are partnering to host an extraordinary gathering of wordsmiths

in the magnificent castle at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs. 


The C.S. Lewis Foundation has been hosting remarkable conferences, retreats, and workshops across the United States and in England for more than thirty years. Honouring the life and legacy our namesake, we hold a special place in our hearts for writers and those who labour in the wider publishing arenas. This year we are launching our first co-hosted conference – combining the friendship, skills, and attention of the C.S. Lewis Foundation and Cultivating Oaks Press! 

The heart and intent of the C.S. Lewis Writer’s Conference is to offer a unique gathering for writers – a time dedicated to focusing on cultivating the whole life of a writer, not just the mechanisms of getting published itself. We are seeking a deeper understanding of what means to be a writer, what is required to carry a message, what it means to be faithful to our calling, and even how to recognise our calling itself. We know that every writer faces self-doubt, pressure, and isolation. We know that the burden of mastering craft can be especially difficult while trying also to nurture core relationships and community. We each face hard challenges of reconciling what it means to grow and mature in Christ and hold true to what we are made for in world that is complicated and often full of pain.  Each of us know the haunting questions of writers and artists wondering if any of our work makes a difference. What is our calling and does our work matter? This gathering of writers, editors, and publishers is designed to ask those questions together and search for meaning to our work that is deeper and longer lasting than focusing solely on the practical step of being published. 

It is our joy and honour to present a circle of speakers and facilitators who are not only seasoned professionals and personally familiar with the challenges of a Christian writer’s life, but are also wise, kind, brave friends to believers also labouring to grow in their giftings. 

Jonathan Rogers hosts The Habit – a superb membership community for writers and the marvelous podcast related to The Habit. He is the author of multiple books, including the The Wilderking Trilogy, The World According to Narnia, and The Terrible Speed of Mercy. Teacher, editor, and writing coach, Jonathan’s weekly blog is a treasure for all practicing writers! 

Sally Clarkson is a best-selling author, world renowned speaker, and beloved figure who has dedicated her life to supporting and inspiring countless women to live into the story God has for them to tell. Sally hosts a weekly podcast “At Home With Sally” , that reaches women around the world and now has millions of downloads. She and her husband Clay have been pioneers in the publish industry making a path for others to follow. 

Steve Laube is the President of The Steve Laube Agency and one of the preeminent literary agents in the United States. He is not only a superb agent, but an editor, author, the publisher of Enclave Publishing, and President of The Christian Writer’s Institute. 

Lancia E. Smith, Founder and Executive Director of Cultivating Oaks Press, and The Cultivating Project, is our keynote speaker. She is an author, photographer, designer, teacher, and business owner, with more than 30 years of experience working in the publishing, design, and consulting fields, with an abiding passion to disciple and empower believers called to the arts. 

Our four plenary sessions are followed by classes and workshops facilitated by exceptional presenters, many of whom are fellowship members of The Cultivating Project. Descriptions for each session can be found here under speakers and facilitators. 

This inaugural event will bear the signature mark of both the C.S. Lewis Foundation and Cultivating Oaks Press ~ superb presentations and workshops, exceptional opportunity to meet others who are kindred in spirit, generous hospitality, time for reflection, and the whole experience offered in a sensory rich environment. 

Click here for full information, updates, and early bird registration.  Save these dates and please join us! 

May 2-4, 2024 at Glen Eyrie in Colorado Springs! 

We are waiting to welcome you! 


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