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Welcome to the online home for Cultivating Oaks Press, its flagship publication Cultivating magazine, and its fellowship of content creators, The Cultivating Project. You are among kindred here. 

Cultivating Oaks Press is the publishing house of Cultivating magazine and a suite of publications and products portraying what is enduringly Good, True, and Beautiful. Our content, in all forms – online, digital, print, and recorded – is created by our fellowship of content creators, The Cultivating Project. We are a nurtured fellowship of Christian writers and makers committed to cultivating holy character, deep-rooted community, and excellence of craft. Rooted in Christ, we are cultivating the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven while we live on earth. 

In explaining the difference between Cultivating Oaks Press, Cultivating, and The Cultivating Project, we offer this picture: beautiful, welcoming wayside inn and the innkeepers who keep the inn ready for sojourning pilgrims. Cultivating magazine is the Pilgrim’s Inn for our readers, and our fellowship of makers, The Cultivating Project, are the innkeepers. Cultivating Oaks Press is the undergirding and framing of our inn – flooring, walls, and roof.

There is much to discover here, and we invite you to explore every room.

Home the best starting point for finding your way through the inn. It is the Common Room of the house, so to speak. You’ll find an easy to read and follow menu bar at the top of the page that will take you to the different rooms in the inn. You will also find a “hamburger” menu icon in the upper left corner that will open a sidebar that holds cover images and links to every edition of Cultivating since we launched as a magazine in Spring of 2018. Click on an edition image and it will take you right through to the
content of that edition! 

As you scroll down the Home page, you will find what is new and upcoming, links to genres and a complete edition archive, access to our Shoppe which gives you direct links to purchase our new edition in print and digital formats, the signature Cultivating desk calendar, and our fellowship member's current books, and you will also find a link to download our eBook. 

There is a wealth of content here for you to enjoy. Take your time and explore this Pilgrim’s Inn as much as you would like. 

It is made for you.

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A Field Guide to Cultivating ~ Essentials to Cultivating a Whole Life, Rooted in Christ, and Flourishing in Fellowship

Enjoy our gift to you as our Welcome to Cultivating! Discover the purpose of The Cultivating Project, and how you might find a "What, you too?" experience here with this fellowship of makers!

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