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A Single Thread

October 13, 2022

Athena Williams

I am not a painter, 

One of the weightless butterflies floating across a canvas

Wedding water and pigment to create new life.

Yet I paint. 


I am not a singer,

One of the radiant angels raising crystal voices

Bringing worshipers near to the holy throne.

Yet I sing.


I am not a poet, 

One of the priests taking mortals by the hand

Leading the way through the torn veil.

Yet I write.


Oh, taste and see! 

Perhaps I am one of these fragile ones

Made mighty to imbue the world with a glimpse – 

A single tile in the vast mosaic,

A single thread in the Master’s tapestry,

Holding up a mirror so that you may see

And take up your part.

Featured image is courtesy of Jordan Durbin and used with her kind permission for Cultivating.


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