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The Strawberry - Image (c) Lancia E. Smith
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The Strawberry

April 18, 2018

Matthew Clark


How? Another poem? 

Could there be one more 

Of any sweet fruit 

In such an exhausted world? 

The gurgle-well gone aspirate –

Surely goodness and mercy 

Stick in the mouth; parched 

Song comes only with a dry tear: 

The yank of a bandage. 

But I looked again and saw –

I am not lying – a living river, 

A fluency of words, a humble rain 

Undermining the stones so that 

They slid and toppled 

Not one left atop another. 

Then, a strawberry flared red; 

A many-seeded music

A rose burning with mirth-light, 

Casting doubt upon the dark stones 

Like dawn dissolving nightmares! 

Bright white horses carried rhyme­

Riders to liberate shadowed valleys 

Singing, ‘Thus far and no further!’ 

Wild joy they scattered, planting 

Cantors enchanting a world come un-sung: 

A blessed burst upon the tongue!

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