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Ready to Fly

September 25, 2023

Athena Williams

She has never flown free.

The flight of fear – yes, she has fled down that dirt road.

Shadows on either side grasping at her,

A storm of threats echoing behind, chasing her down.

She flew to escape

      to try

      to prove (to whom?)

      to find a new Truth

But the chain remained.

Infinitely long, it tethers her to shame

          to yesterday

          to them

          to the volcano about to erupt again.

How can a wounded bird break free?

She cannot. 


She takes the greatest risk of all;


She trusts.

She thrusts out her fettered heart

And turns her head.

She cannot watch.

She has tried flight,

    tried to fight;

    now she freezes.

Will you tighten her bonds?

Or will you lead her to Jesus?

The featured image, “Crabapples in Tayton,” is courtesy of Lancia E. Smith and is used with her glad permission for Cultivating.


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