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manifesto on the lifting of a lockdown

June 17, 2021

Bryana Joy


out of the saddest summer here we come
oh lord we are saying we are ready at last

comfort nor terror can stop us now
nor the field of blue crows at the top of the hill
tearing the flesh of the dead in the ordinary way

what you have learned no one can take from you
no one can wipe that better world from your eyes
wherever you look you see it looking back at you
it taps a finger to its nose and winks

The featured image of the tall willow tree gleaming bravely in the sunny sky is courtesy of Ellyana Moore. It is used with her permission for Cultivating and The Cultivating Project.


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  1. Amy says:

    Oh Bryana! You capture the groan, and the ways this last year took us into our depths, and left us to reckon with what we found there. And you capture Hope, leading us to a place where we will need her companionship no more. Your poetry is a gift, and I am a grateful recipient.

  2. Bryana Joy says:

    Amy, as always I am deeply encouraged and lifted up by your kind words. Thanks for reading!

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