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Tree of Jesse

April 14, 2021

Christina Brown


The seed burrows into the earth’s belly,

Silence hovers over the harrowed earth    

Something stirs down deep      

The soil shifts – a silent moan emits…


A birth, a birth of grit and groans and loam      

A seed splits – a presence sifts

the soil and bleeds a tendril of green,

Up, up into the light    

The umbilical cord of a fragile life; sacrifice

Of a shell split open, torn apart, releasing

a holiness born of hurt,

a hope born of humility,

a respiration of grandeur

so minute and so magnificent

the sand and seas and leas and land

explode in exaltation:


The Womb of the World delivered a promise

From the hollowed earth sprung a hallowed birth;

A seed of solace, sown,

A shoot of sovereignty, born.


The featured image is courtesy of Aaron Burden. You can find his remarkable photographic work at Unsplash or on his website here. 



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