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The Hidden Work

January 19, 2023

Rob Jones


Embrace me in your hands, yield to my form

Surrender in silence and breathe me in.

In my chrysalis of myth, be transformed

Completely, entirely from within.

Encounter a Faerie realm that transcends,

As I escort you into the unknown

Where an epic, a saga, a quest begins,

In these pages, you will find your true home

Where imagination can freely roam.

I am sure to furnish you with pleasure

Once you take me in, and grasp what I’ve shown.

Suspended in prose, poets to treasure

Submit and receive is all I demand

I’ll do the hidden work, while in your hands.

Featured image is courtesy of Annie Spratt via Unsplash. We are grateful for her generosity.


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  1. Emily says:

    Savoring these words! It feels like taking a deep breath of anticipation right before before the first step of a new adventure ☺️.

  2. cottagelanehmm says:

    Beautiful and other worldly magical.

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