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Something Beautiful for Something Beautiful

April 20, 2019

Janet Allen


These beautifully detailed cookies are my go-to hostess gifts and they never fail to impress!

The detailed scenes depicted on the cookies reflect the season or event being celebrated.

This scene of “The Lord’s Supper,” is a beautiful reminder of God’s beautiful sacrifice for us.

I have found “House on the Hill” Springerle cookie molds work best for me. These molds are detailed with deeply cut designs and the dough releases easily from them.

These molds can be purchased online from

Practice makes perfect so jump in and start rolling! You can do it!


Sugar Cookie Dough

A versatile dough that can be used for many styles of cookies. It holds its shape well so can be cut out, or molded for decorative work. Plus, it is a great tasting cookie! Be sure to bake until lightly and uniformly browned for best flavor.


12 oz  unsalted butter (no substitutes) softened

1 ½    cups granulated sugar

2        large eggs beaten

2        teaspoons vanilla extract

½       teaspoon kosher salt

4 ⅓     cup all-purpose flour

Lemon zest to taste (I use about one lemon)      

~ Cream sugar and butter together until light and fluffy in a stand mixer using paddle.

~ Add eggs, vanilla, lemon zest, salt and mix well

~ Add flour all at once and mix on low speed to incorporate but not overmix.

~ Once mixed, remove dough from bowl, lightly knead and divide. I form my dough into 6-inch disks about ½ inch thick wrap in wax paper and chill thoroughly.

~ Prepare your mold using a pastry brush and flour liberally to be sure all details are coated.

Roll your disk of chilled dough on a floured surface to a little more than ¼ inch thick; dough should be a little larger than the mold and smooth.


~ Place the dough on your prepared cookie mold and roll with a floured rolling pin. Roll several times to insure dough is getting into the small details of the mold.

~ Gently remove dough starting at the top slowly pull the dough away from the mold. 

Trim any excess dough from the edges. Bake the cookie immediately or hold in refrigerator.

The detail of the cookie comes to life when “shimmer spray” is lightly sprayed on the cooled cookie. If you over spray too heavily on any area simply brush over that area with a little almond extract or vodka and the shimmer will thin out. Shimmer Spray can be purchased in the cake supply area at local grocery stores or at craft stores that sell cake and cookie supplies.

A few tips to remember: it is IMPORTANT to work with thoroughly chilled dough. Also, be sure the cookie is chilled before baking this insures the design holds its detail.

Keep the details of your cookie mold free of caked-in flour by using a pastry brush to clean the crevices.

If you’re not satisfied with your cookie, rework the dough chill and start again. Remember this is only a cookie; minor flaws are acceptable.

I usually prepare my molded cookies ahead of time, freeze them and bake the day before I need them.

Recipe by Janet Allen

Images by Kristie Allen Photography




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  1. Carol says:

    Absolutely beautiful! They are too pretty to eat. If they taste as good as they look… they will be delicious.

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