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Pre-Order Cultivating 2024 Desk Calendar!

September 24, 2023

Lancia E. Smith


The Cultivating Desk Calendar is one of our most loved products. It keeps a beautiful presence with us each day through the seasons of our given year. The 2024 Calendar is available now for pre-order! It will be ready to ship from early November through December 13, 2023, when orders will close. 

This is the exquisite LIMITED EDITION Cultivating 2024 desk calendar produced on high quality photographic card stock with wooden base. These 6×8″ calendars offer you a beautiful way to track the seasons as we celebrate them and have a tangible artifact of Cultivating right beside you throughout the year.

We are grateful for every order and can tell you each one matters. We pray over every calendar on behalf of its recipient and the days each one is given in the year.

Pre-order here!  


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