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Let Go Thy Worries

September 28, 2019

Christina Brown



Let go thy worries, wretchéd thing,

And let His grace abounding, ring.

Let songs of gladness fill thy heart,

When turn ye to what grace imparts.


He takes them all upon that tree,

Whereto they nailed—stay’d shall be.

Take not them down, nor cry aloud,

But bow thy head in sacred shroud:


See—the Holy One—‘tis He!

Drop thy form and bend thy knee.

 Christ, the burden-bearer strong,

Gives easy yoke, and joyful song.


Take Him, do, and now be glad,

For ‘round thy shaméd head He clads,

A vic’try wreath of blooming rose;

A crown of splendor doth repose:


‘Cause of thy sorrows, Christ, He knows:

Indeed, He wash’d thee white as snow.

The featured image is titled “Autumn Rose & Bee” and is (c) Lancia E. Smith. It is used here with glad permission for Cultivating and The Cultivating Project. 


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