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Keep the Feast in Faith
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Keep the Feast in Faith

April 18, 2018

Matthew Clark



Keep the Feast in Faith

Here is where the kitchen was 

The smell of smoke a haze of dust 

And here is where the window burst 

When the vandal flames broke out on us 

So much is lost in the heat of war 

The heart grows cold the house goes bare

But here upon this ashen floor   

Still we keep our feast


In faith, we are branches bearing flame but not consumed 

and the fruit will make it plain when these old rooms are filled again 

Now we seek the feast in faith, and we will live to see the feast begin 

See the heartpine lost its heart they said 

It’s waterlogged and can’t be saved  

But there’s a strength yet in that ancient grain 

Where the ringing years have carved hope’s refrain 

And a rippling song that haunts these halls 

A Holy Ghost breathes here after all 


And I can see the pilgrims make their way 

To find a home that knows the burning of the burdens they have carried 

And that have carried them here 

Where the bitterness can pour the wine

Where death has set the table for the feast of life

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  1. Ann Weiss says:

    Truly a beautiful song! Meditating specifically on the second verse.

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