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Interview with Tabitha Kent – Culinary Cultivator

January 28, 2020

Pahtyana Moore

Tabitha Kent ~ Culinary Cultivator 


Greetings from Thailand. I’m Pahtyana Moore for Cultivating. 
As my family and I travel and work around the world I am privileged to meet extraordinary individuals engaging the needs of the world in unusual and innovative ways. For most of us travel equals exposure to the world’s cuisine. But for those with dietary restrictions this can be a source of anxiety, especially in areas with unknown resources. And when living abroad, this can be a constant source of frustration and defeat. Recently, I attended a retreat in Thailand where all but one attendee had various dietary restrictions. I was most surprised to discover that the catering company that had been hired was not in fact, a company but one woman—one woman who in her recipes seamlessly met every single need present. And did so without compromising flavor, taste or experience. 
From light and sweet cranberry spinach salad to delectable, tiny walnut cakes, her culinary creations did more than simply feed those present. With each bite every person felt seen, known and welcomed. 
I’m delighted to introduce you to Tabitha Kent, wife, mother to 4 beautiful, adopted children, cross-cultural worker in Thailand, and a cultivating caterer.  Join me as I sit at her table. 



~ In the midst of your battles what do you find when you sit at the table of the Lord? 
~ Does the food you prepare for yourself and for others make you each feel seen, known and welcomed? 
~  In the food you eat and in the culture you build at your table, do you and others find rest? 
~ Can you accept rest from the Lord if you never “catch up?”  
~  What do people find when they sit at your table? 
~ How can you partner with the Lord in setting a culture at your table that continually brings welcome and rest? 

The featured images are courtesy of Pahtyana Moore and used with her kind permission for Cultivating and The Cultivating Project. 

We offer our hearty thanks to Tabitha who has so graciously shared her story & recipes with us!


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