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If I Forgot Your Face

September 18, 2020

Christina Brown


My little one, if I forgot your face –

If your chubby cheeks faded from my view –

If death snatched your sweet brown eyes – erased

From time and from beneath the sky’s blue hue,


What would I do? How would I cope with that?

I’m scared that all I’d have to hold you near

In memory would be your epitaph

Inscribed across my broken heart with tears.


But then…the starflowers would appear,

And I would hear your giggle echoing

Around me as you plucked one and held it near

Your face, smiling at its star-like twinkling.


And then I’d remember; eternity

Will cradle you in star-strung memory.

The featured image is courtesy of Olena Sergienko on Unsplash.


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