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For Leslie ~ From Julie Jablonski

April 19, 2023

Julie Jablonski

Thank You, Lord,

for Leslie,

bright and warm as yellow.

She carried Your light

in her twinkling eyes, and in

the warm yellow sun

of her laughter.

Vibrant and fresh as early spring,

with a sparkling sense

of wonder.

Finding joy in simple moments, artistry

in mundane,

she opened wide her gorgeous heart,

letting us in

to taste and see Your goodness, Lord,

in the shadowed

land we are living.

Land lavishly saturated with

color and light from her life.

Where our glad hearts are



for the lasting ways

she touched them . . .


and warm as yellow.

This tribute by Julie Jablonski is part of an “In Memoriam” series we are running this week for our dear friend Leslie Anne Bustard. 

The featured image is courtesy of Julie Jablonski and used with her kind permission for Cultivating.


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  1. Annie Nardone says:

    Oh, this is lovely. She was pure sunshine.

  2. Julie Jablonski says:

    She absolutely was, Annie. Pure sunshine!
    Part of the inspiration for this came from the song Leslie mentions in the About section of her website, Poetic Underpinnings where she says, Bright as Yellow, the Innocence Mission classic, is a very favorite song.
    “And you live your life with your arms stretched out
    Eye to eye when speaking
    Enter rooms with great joy shouts
    Happy to be meeting
    And bright, bright, bright, bright as yellow
    Warm as yellow”
    These lyrics are perfectly Leslie!

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