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For Leslie B.

April 13, 2023

Rebecca Reynolds

A thousand times a day these days
I wonder if you have seen it yet,
Our Great Horizon.
Your darling nose pointed East,
your wide heart merry in your coracle,
your clear eyes looking on and onward
over those sweet waters—
you, drawn every violet moment
like moth to candlelight—
you, The Exclaimer, The Proclaimer, The Generator, The Host—
you and your sweet little child hand
ever glee-squeezing ours,
each morning your Christmas morning.
Winter is dying, melting, receding,
and you have long known what that means,
always tugging on our sleeves, always pointing—
“See, oh see? Here are the first snowdrops!”
Lucy knowing before we know,
hearing before we hear,
I couldn’t help but believe you.
Have you now, like the she-divers of Ise-Shima,
held one long breath and whisked clean and slick
through the trappings of air and earth—
thrown your arms wide
to behold full force that giddy homeland
radiant and ready;
are you even now turning
to beckon us on,
mouthing through the veil,
“It’s true. It’s all true.
Brothers. Sisters. Children.
You’ll soon see. You’ll soon know.
Don’t lose heart.”

We are deeply grateful to Rebecca Reynolds for her permission to share her poetry with Cultivating readers and honoured to welcome her as a Guest Contributor. 

The featured image titled, “The Endless Table,” is courtesy of illustrator Will Kelly, and used with his very kind permission. To follow more of Will’s work, you can find him on Instagram here.

The Endless Table was commissioned for Hutchmoot 2022. It can be purchased as a poster through the Rabbit Room store. We are thankful for all that Rabbit Room does for enriching the lives of so many!

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