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Faith at Forty-One

September 17, 2021

Sheila Vamplin


God, my God, my grandmother’s God,

You have blessed me beyond the skies.


You have uprooted me,

            unmoored me.


You have dashed my dreams

            into the dust.


You let my eyes pour tears—

            enough to water the earth,

            enough to fill the lakes,

            enough to flow like rivers.


And You have let me see

            Your own dreams dashed,

            Your tears poured out—

            for an earth ignoring skies,

            for dust ignoring Spirit.


And as I floundered, uprooted and unmoored,

            in the currents of Your tears,

            You showed Yourself to be the One

            who held me up,

            who breathed in me,

            so I was more than dust and dreams . . . .


And now, content as dust, and dreamless,

            I watch my roots grow deep in You—

            a tree of righteousness growing up

            from dust and tears,

            from breath and broken heart,

            reaching upward to Your sky,

            hoping to make Your dreams come true.

The featured image is courtesy of Aaron Burden

We are grateful for Aaron’s keen eye, his skill, his faithful service to the Lord, and his generosity to all.


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  1. Judy Kimmel says:

    Love this, Sheila. Thanks for sharing so all may enjoy it.

  2. Emily says:

    Thankful for the picture this brings to mind. ❤️

  3. Miriam Castiglione says:

    “A tree of righteousness growing up from dust and tears” – that is a beautiful image! I want to read and re-read this lovely poem, and add it to my storehouse of treasures.

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