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"Peter & Lancia's Hands" courtesy Steve Moon
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Blessing of the Hands (or Lack’s Last Desire)

December 8, 2018

Susan Mulder


May that the hand you out reach,

be filled with the hand of another-

to be lifted in companionable peace.


That your other be filled

Overflowing, bountiful

in its generosity,


unclenched, loose fingered-

giving unquestioningly,

joy its only petition.


May those hands, once emptied-

freed to embrace,

to dry another’s eyes  -fill again,


and again, and again.

Pouring out until

lack’s last desire




an embrace.


The featured image above is courtesy of Steve Moon.

The hands in the image are Peter and Lancia Smith’s.

We are grateful to Steve for use of this image and for his abiding friendship!


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