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and we plant

June 22, 2019

Susan Mulder


-and we plant

scratching the dry ground

into crumbling mounds

returning to themselves

before the next feebly rises

from its own dusty cloud


-and we pray for rain

with our splitting

nails, knees bleeding through

graveled scabs, sweat

mapping broken shoulders

and dirty feet


-and we plant

surrounded by colorless

horizons interrupted

only by waves of heat-

a barren and bone dry,

fathomless ocean


-and we pray for rain

they call us


to work the ground

as we mutter

to a cloudless sky


-and we plant

Then the song-

old, untired-

whose words become

thunder-distant, low

and long


-and we pray for rain

as green rises, rich

beyond our sight,

past the stretch

of our cloudless sky-

but we smell it on the air


-and we plant

because we know.

The fabulous image of the baby oak tree is by Artūrs Ķipsts on Unsplash.

We are grateful for Artūrs gift and his generosity.


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  1. Jody Collins says:

    “-and we plant.”
    What a faith-filled poem, Susan. Thank you!

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