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June 22, 2019

Roy Salmond


Recently I took an opportunity to combine work with some time off in New York City.

Before I left, my friends and family all had good words to say: “Enjoy yourself!”, “Have fun!”, “Be safe!”, “Don’t go at it too hard”, “Pace Yourself”.

And then a good friend told me: “Roy – savour!”, stretching out the ‘saaav’ and the ‘voourr’, as if tasting the delectable word spoken.


It means to be mindful and deliberate with the taste, touch, smell and eyes of the moment. To take it ALL in.

This beautifully timed word travelled with me the entire time in New York. From the art galleries to the city architecture, the food kiosks to the upscale bistros, the sounds of jazz to the hum of the city, I was mindful of savouring every moment I was in.

I lingered over the paintings. I drank the wine slowly. I listened to the jazz intently. It seemed there wasn’t an autumn leaf in Central Park that didn’t wave at me.

I fell in love with New York.

French philosopher Simone Weil observed that the qualities of a great poem, a rich painting and beautiful music reveal themselves when we ‘attend’ to them. The same goes for our friendships, conversations and yes, ‘attending’ church.

Life happens in its fullest to those who show up.

The psalmist likewise invites us to ‘attend’.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.” (Psalm 34:8)

To savour.


The featured image “Magic Hour” of Central Park is courtesy of Jon Tyson on Unsplash. 

We are grateful for Jon’s generosity in sharing his work with so many!


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