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January 28, 2020

Roy Salmond


I recently read an interesting article of an injured puppy found in an Australian backyard and discovered to be a purebred Dingo, a wild and vulnerable species. Conservationists supposed a predatory bird accidentally dropped the pup, who was brought to a refuge center to be nurtured and then “rewilded”. 

Rewilded – is a return to a true place of belonging.

Rich with interpretation, rewilded is an intriguing verb for the process of returning to a natural and free state.

Our lives require repeated rewilding.

When, over the arc of years and days, through decisions, mistakes and/or predatory attacks we find ourselves dropped, wounded or alien in our surroundings, we need a reorientation to freedom.

We long for this intended state yet we become inured to the call of the wild.

Crippled by disappointment.

Burdened by regret.

Torn by misunderstanding.

We trade our wild for wounded. 

As victims we cease to be agents of personal change, acclimatizing to a refuge of our own making.

We play it safe and ceasing to play, we never venture past the boundaries of our hurt, until we hear…

..the call of our wild. 

Our vulnerability.

Our freedom.

Our possibility.

All things exist to be themselves.

Yet we get sidetracked. Life throws us off balance and we doubt if we ever knew our real voice at all.

Ceasing to listen we cease to hear.

To be rewilded is to leave our safety net and risk following the voice calling us to the wild and untamed freedom of true belonging – a place we’ve sensed in our deepest yearnings.


For those who have ears to hear.

The featured image is courtesy of the marvelous photographer Aaron Burden on Unsplash.  


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