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Resurrection Sunday – He is Risen!

April 16, 2017

Lancia E. Smith

On a Sunday morning nearly two millennia ago history and the very fibre of reality were changed permanently. Death – the terrible finality of every person born – was defeated. The curse of it was broken.

Death was defeated not with swords or bombs or bullets or voting blocks. It was defeated with pure sacrifice and true Love.

No one has demonstrated purer, truer Love than the Son of God Who sacrificed Himself for us. He suffered. He died. He was buried. He endured the darkness of the grave. Then Sunday morning came. Just as He said He would, Jesus Christ, Yeshua, rose from the dead, came back to life, breaking the “spell” of death of over us. In His rising, He transformed all the grief of our lives from ruin to glory. Everything changed that Sunday morning. Everything is changed. Nothing we face now or wait for is what we would have faced and waited for if He had not done that. 

We walk still in our day-to-day lives experiencing the Saturday of Easter weekend – between Good Friday and Easter Morning.

But Sunday is coming as certain as the dawn.

And while we live in this time of waiting and watching we do so knowing our Easter Day is coming as surely for us as it did already for Christ. Resting in this, let us be brave and bold in our rejoicing!

Happy, happy Easter, friends! May you hear Love say your name and tell you the happy news that you are free at last!

This glorious phrase in the image above is from Malcolm Guite‘s villanelle for Easter Day and is found in his exquisite collection of poetry for the Christian year – Sounding the Seasons. You can listen to Malcolm reading this on his website here.
Happy Easter, everyone! Christ is Risen!


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