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Photographic Art Exhibition – December 3rd only!

November 29, 2016

Lancia E. Smith

Colorado is in for a treat this Saturday night – a solo exhibition from photographic artist Regina Mountjoy! 

Acclaimed wedding and portrait photographer, Regina Mountjoy is unveiling a limited selection from her extraordinary flower portraiture collection and this will be the only venue in which to acquire a signed edition of these pieces.

The solo photographic art exhibition for The Art of Flower Portraiture: The Expectant Collection promises to be a fabulous experience. Regina knows how to throw a party and create truly gala events! I know because I have been blessed to be attending her events for years. However, this event is something different. It offers an opportunity to see and purchase these singular works of art (and get one signed!); have some fun in a great studio space (VOCO Creative) in Denver’s Rino district complete with wine, chocolate, a photo booth, and DJ’d music; and support the wonderful charity – LOVE FOR LILY

Regina Mountjoy - Image (c) Lancia E. Smith

Regina has been photographing gardens on her globe-spanning travels for more than a decade now.  The resulting images are the most extraordinary portraiture work I have ever seen with plants. These portraits, for portraits they truly are, are simply arresting and to see one full size is to be compelled to stop, look and be still – if only for a moment – remembering that beauty prevails. Regina’s flower portraits are evocative, elegant, warm, soul-softening, healing. 

These images are for any of us that have something percolating: a creative idea, a new chapter in life, a metamorphosis.

The images in this collection are intended to serve as points of visual focus, and to be reminders of beauty, peace, and safety in the midst of stressful or demanding situations. Regina says, “The Expectant Collection was originally created for some of my pregnant friends, but these images are for any of us that have something percolating: a creative idea, a new chapter in life, a metamorphosis. They encourage us to get off the Internet and off the forums.  To leap out of other people’s stories and opinions; to rise above the overwhelmingly-impossible-to-process-gobs-of-information that daily gunk up the whole experience of living. Experience a flower portrait that speaks to you and welcome some of this beauty into your own life, or share it with someone special. Plant a seed of beauty and watch it grow.”

All twelve images in this collection are available for sale as large, signed canvas gallery wraps.

20% of the proceeds from this event will be given with gratitude to the Love For Lily Foundation to support parents who have little ones in the NICU.  Additionally, there will be an auction at 8pm with 100% of the proceeds going to the Love For Lily Foundation.  


“It is our honor to support families at the University of Colorado Hospital NICU” says Regina. “In the 3 years since LOVE FOR LILY’s conception we have supported more than 200 families directly through our moms group. Through our essentials bags every family that enters the UCH NICU with a premature baby will be gifted with items to support them during their stay.  These bags will be given to approximately 1000 families in 2015.  The families we serve, and the incredible mothers of the NICU inspire the goals, the vision, and the love that allows Love for Lily to thrive.”

If you would like to be notified for upcoming events, sign up for Regina’s newsletter on the bottom of her home page (  You will get an invitation to the next event! Regina only sends these newsletters out quarterly so be assured you won’t be bombarded! 


Saturday, December 3rd 6 to 9 pm

at VOCO CREATIVE SPACE 3700 Franklin Street, Denver CO 80205

Come join us – this is an event you do not want to miss!



It is truly my joy and honour to share this event with you and I look forward to seeing some of your beloved faces Saturday evening.

Many blessings and every grace to you, friends!



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