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Periwinkle – A Book Review!

April 15, 2021

Pahtyana Moore

Periwinkle: a story of finding Home ~ written and illustrated by Jordan Elise Durbin

Book Review by Ellyana Moore

By way of introduction, this book review reflects the launch of something new in Cultivating – Young Cultivators reviewing books for kids! Ellyana Moore has graciously and bravely accepted the challenge to offer her very first book review for publication. Happily, this review is of a book she especially loves and by an author she really admires – our own Jordan Elise Durbin!

We hope to see many more book reviews come from Miss Moore on these pages, and to grow this branch of Young Cultivators in the seasons ahead! 


Story Summary:

It starts in sadness. It starts in feeling alone. It starts with ugliness. But there is Hope. This little girl named, Periwinkle, is forced to do the same work—making porridge for every meal each day and is badly mistreated. But at night, she sings songs of Hope. Eventually, Hope does come and life doesn’t seem so bad. But then she’s beaten and thrown out. She’s soon rescued and healed by a jolly, warm-hearted person that anyone would want to be like and a special little friend who makes delicious food. They tell Periwinkle stories of who she really is but the Goodness in this truth scares her and she doesn’t believe it. 

Epic events await her on this journey and she meets new friends. But there are also some losses along the way and great discoveries as well.

Many hours of perilous travels, beautiful songs sung, delectable berries and nuts consumed, inspiring friendships made that are as good as family and a shocking plot twist awaits!


Is the book hard reading?

The book is an easy read because the descriptions are excellent and help you stay with the character the whole time. The character is very relatable, as well.


Is it really long? 

No, it’s a nice length. It’s such an enjoyable read that it makes you wish there was more to it at the end.


What is your response to the book:

I love this book so, so, much that I read it twice and then lent it to my best friend (who is quite the classic-loving bookworm).

Reading 1 – Image courtesy Pahtyana Moore – Thailand

What is your opinion of the book?

This book is very delightful. I love the way the author describes everything. She has quite a creative way of painting a picture of what’s going on at the moment. She doesn’t really reveal who the characters are directly at first, but walks you through and then lets you discover them at the end, which is really fun!


How did it make you feel?

Many different things—anxious, scared, sad but it also brought a peace over me. It made me feel delighted, overjoyed and like I couldn’t stop smiling. It made me feel glad and want to read it over and over again and discover new things I missed.

It made me wish the author would write another story. It made me wish I was the main character and that I could meet and have all of those incredible friends and that I had that same little light of Hope that Periwinkle carries.



Because the story is so engaging! It almost makes you feel whole, even though you didn’t think you were missing anything before.


Reading 2 – Image courtesy Pahtyana Moore – Thailand


What did you especially love about it

I just loved all of it equally.


Was the language the author used especially good or did the artwork really make you feel drawn into the story? 

Both. The author did a beautiful job of drawing out scenes so that you could imagine a full picture. The artwork is adorable with excellent illustrations. It is very unique and realistic. The author has a great way of showing how you would think of it on the inside, not the outside. Meaning, she shows you how things really are, not how they appear to be.


What do you think about the author?

Jordan Durbin is a great writer and describes things with such passion and details that you really feel like you are there yourself.

Reading 3 – Image courtesy Pahtyana Moore – Thailand

Why should someone else want to read this book

It’s takes you away from the real world where there is sin, death, sadness, loss and pain and brings you into this delightful, delicious world of beauty, friendship, peace and loyalty. Even in the midst of danger or maybe, because of it, it teaches you things about friendships, loyalty and trustworthiness. It teaches you that you can always find Hope in the darkness, whether in song, laughter or just in comforting company. It is always there. It may be hiding in plain sight but it is always there. I could go on and on, but you’d probably fall asleep. So, you better just read this remarkable tale for yourself.

Now, I’m going to go read it again…

The featured images are courtesy of Pahtyana Moore and used with her gracious permission for Cultivating and The Cultivating Project!


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  1. Emily says:

    Can’t wait to order Periwinkle to read with my girls! So glad you shared this review ☺️.

  2. Congratulations on your very first review, Ellyana! I really loved “Periwinkle,” too. It made me cry a few times–and I hardly ever do that for books. Thank you for sharing your review. It was excellent! (And I’m with you: I hope Jordan writes another story!)

  3. Ellyana Moore says:

    Emily, I’m so glad you enjoyed my review. Your girls will love Periwinkle!! 8~)


  4. Ellyana Moore says:

    Maribeth, thank you so much!! Periwinkle is such an emotional story and really draws you in. It also made me cry a few times too. Maybe we can convince Jordan to write a sequel…(heehee…)


  5. Jordan Durbin says:

    Ellyana, this is pure delight! I’m so honored to have your very first (of many, many more to come!) published review be of my little book! Keep reading and writing and dreaming and growing!!

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