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Old Man of the Mountain

September 18, 2020

David Moum


In a distant valley burrowed deep, beyond tall passes and mountains steep.
There lives an old man; grey-bearded heap, who daily guides his flock of sheep.

Through many meadows and fields, they bleat, resting only for a lengthy time of sleep.
Recalling distant memories hard to keep, he drifts off unknowingly to a mourning grief.

Dawn comes as birds outside sing or weep, for a man in woe finds beauty hard to seek.
Time goes on as distant bonds begin to sink, to a vast indifferent shell of a mind’s scrap heap.

He sees it through the trees and dim morning light, a different time when joy was kept close and tight.
When children’s laughter was cheerful and bright, a memory now tarnished by misery’s blight.

The moment disturbed by a bird’s sudden flight, a cause to look about for the face of a harrowing hallowed wight.
Seeing instead only a beloved lamb in plain sight, he gives a chuckle and shakes off the fright.

The sun rises tossing away the cold morning bite, bringing him to realize that all might be set right.
Should a mental winter come with snow cold and white, living through to journey’s end is worth the long hard fight.

The featured image is courtesy of David Moum and is used with his kind permission for Cultivating and The Cultivating Project.


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