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Leap of Faith

April 20, 2019

Roy Salmond


As a record producer, one of my jobs is to stretch the artist to discover something in them that is beyond their own imagining.

I had a client in a few years back, with a beautiful sonorous voice. We were recording a melancholic lament, and I recorded his vocals until we had everything we needed to compile a final master.

The song had been sung. And it was good.

With good vocals in the bag, I told him “Now, this is the time to stretch.” I then encouraged my client to go back into the recording room and “jump off a cliff.”

Sing in a way he had never tried.

Break free from the safety of the known.

This singer took the chancejumped off the cliff and sang a beautifully gruff and sad vocal, communicating the pathos of the song in a way I hadn’t heard from him before. And I ended up utilizing it for 90% of the finished vocal.

We are often afraid of what we do not knowyet knowing we have everything we need, gives us the freedom to risk.


A leap of faith.

A jump into the unknown.

Trusting and hoping that more awaits us than we can possibly perceive.


Easter reminds us to take that leapa leap of faith into freedom that is beyond our imagining. To lean more fully into the life we’ve been created to live.

Believing we have everything we need.

The featured image here is used with kind permission from Julie Jablonski for The Cultivating Project.


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