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March 6, 2019

Roy Salmond


Once a year I teach a college recording/production intensive here at my studio. Beforehand, I always do an introductory class where I go around the room, asking students why they’re in this class.

Recently, a student answered: “I’m discovering my love for music.”


What a wonderful way to describe desired experience.

Discovering – finding something that’s always been there, yet hasn’t been known or noticed.  Freedom to dance. Passion for beauty. Capacity for laughter.  And here — a student’s love of music.

Discovering his love for music intuits this revelation was hidden, like buried treasure, and he surprisingly found it.

How vast are the discoveries that await our lives? Finding something anew that has always been part of us – being surprised by joy.

I wondered out loud to the class… if conversion is in discovering God’s revelation of being with us all along… not an acquiring out there, but a continual unfolding in here.

Many of us have awakened to this newfound wisdom, love and self-awareness. We cross a threshold where nothing is the same afterward. Some would call this being ‘born again.’

It takes humility to confess to ourselves, and to others, that we’ve been sleepwalking through life and that now, we’re willing to be surprised.

We only discover what we haven’t found.

We only find what has been unknown to us.

It’s amazing what shows up if you keep casting your line into the rivers of your heart.


The featured image is courtesy of Julie Jablonski for The Cultivating Project. 

“Discovering” was first published on Roy’s marvelous blog – Between the Notes, and is generously shared with Cultivating. We highly recommend that you subscribe to his blog to get his good words sent to you each week.


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