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A Liturgy for Taking Down the Christmas Tree

April 20, 2019

Jordan Durbin


O Creator,

Breather of Life,

Maker of leaf and needle,

Shaper of the deciduous bare and enduring green,

as we unadorn our reminders

of You laying aside Your own glories –

We remember another

Tree of Life

that wrought death

and a broken Tree of Death

that rings with hammer strokes

bringing life.

And we rejoice!

That seasons which seem to be filled with decay,

our souls know as


of resurrection.

This was originally written for that solemn moment of taking down the Christmas tree.  When I was at Refine: the Retreat this spring which is hosted in the forest convent called “The Pines”, it seemed an appropriate reading among the grand trees.  As I’ve reflected on it, it has grown in application to my heart, not just for the un-adorning of Christmas trees, but for the Lenten season or any other time when the Shepherd is shearing us: laying us bare before Him so that He might remind us of what is to come.

The featured image is titled “Christmas Tree with Cone”

and is used with permission from Lancia E. Smith.


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